Tri-County Early College Webinar – October 29, ’19

Here is the October 29, ’19 recording of the webinar about Tri-County Early College:

A fork in the road:
   Changing the lives of youth in a rural community
        The story of Tri-County Early College in Murphy NC

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You can watch the full video here (51m20s) or particular clips from the entire webinar, as identified below.

Full Webinar (51m20s)


Alissa Cheek – Principal 

Ben Owens – former teacher

Cole Kordus – 2016 Graduate

Sara Hayes – 2016 Graduate

Tell us about TCEC and Murphy NC

How did TCEC impact your life?

How did going to TCEC impact your college admissions?  

What can others take from TCEC and use?  

What is the singular most important thing?

How do you make projects authentic for students?  

What did you take out of taking college classes while at TCEC?  

Do you feel you gained project management skills at TCEC?  

Can you do PBL across grade levels and within the typical school day?  

What does assessment look like in a PBL TCEC class?

Closing by Dr. Unger

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